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Create automated macros and record keyboard/mouse input for unlimited playback...

Stop performing the same tasks over and over again!

Unleash the power of automation and unlock new levels of efficiency with MacroWin.

Why MacroWin?

MacroWin is the most powerful macro software on the market. With its wide range of triggers, conditions, and actions, you can create macros that automate an enormous range of tasks!

Some of the components include:

Mouse/Keyboard Recorder

Mouse/Keyboard Recorder

Record and playback mouse movements, clicks and scrollwheel actions as well as keyboard strokes.



Start any macro with a simple keystroke. Hotkeys can be customized to satisfy the exact requirements of the user.

Image Detection and OCR

Image Detection & OCR

Detect images on your screen and perform OCR on selected areas to take your macros to the next level.

Voice Commands

Voice Commands

Start macros with a simple voice command. Choose between push to talk and continuous voice activation.



Execute custom code for even further extensibility. Multiple languages supported. Support for AutoHotkey v1/v2 is also included.

Web Automation

Web Automation

MacroWin is the perfect tool for web and software automation. Multiple browsers are supported to perform automation tasks.

Explore a world full of possibilities with MacroWin's extensive range of     triggers, allowing you to automate tasks with precision and efficiency. From keyboard and mouse events to system actions and program-specific events, MacroWin provides the flexibility you need to streamline your workflow.

MacroWin's intelligent     conditions take automation to the next level. Set up conditional statements to fine-tune your macros, ensuring they execute flawlessly under specific circumstances. With MacroWin, your macros adapt and respond intelligently to varying situations, giving you complete control over your automation process.

MacroWin offers an extensive library of     actions to suit your needs. Whether it's automating data entry, executing complex calculations, or performing repetitive tasks across multiple applications, MacroWin has got you covered. Say goodbye to tedious manual labor and hello to unparalleled efficiency.






Here are just a few examples that highlight the extraordinary capabilities of MacroWin when compared to other macro software:

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